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[+] - You are childish 
[+] - You are playful in some way
[] - You can't lie
[] - You have an innocent appearance
[] - People say you look cute/nice
[+] - You can easily be amazed
[+] - You like hugging people
[] - You are naive 
[+] - Have a lot of stuffed animals 
[+] - You fear the darkness (He-LLO ever heard of Vashta Nerada?!)
Total: 6

~~Jolteon ~~
[] - You have been shocked before by an electrical current
[] - You are athletic (HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're funny!)
[] - You are very good in running (lol good one)
[+] - You are mischievous
[+] - You like playing pranks on people
[] - You usually overdo what is required
[+] - You are good with technology (if by technology you mean my cell phone yes, but if by technology you mean common house hold objects such as stoves or toilets no...)
[] - You like working out at the gym (oh man you are a crack-up!)
[] - You love rock and/or rap 
[+] - You can speak very fast 
Total: 4

~~Vaporeon ~~
[+] - You enjoy or are good at swimming (well i LIKE it... doesn't mean i'm good...)
[] - You have a calm personality (hardee har har)
[+] - You like to relax
[] - You like swimming deep underwater
[] - You can sense when rain is coming 
[+] - You like rainy days
[+] - You care about others
[+] - You are sensitive (if i LIKE you...)
[+] - Everyone can trust you 
[+] - You like sleeping with smooth pillows better than fuzzy pillows
Total: 7

~~Flareon ~~
[+] - You are short-tempered 
[] - You are very social with others
[] - You prefer a hot day over a cold day
[] - You don't like the water 
[+] - You have a naughty personality
[+] - You sleep with a lot of blankets (only in the winter)
[+] - You are not good in swimming
[+] - You worry about your appearance in public
[+] - You have got into a physical fight before (does it count if it was with my little sister?)
[+] - You like playing around with fire
Total: 7

~~Espeon ~~
[] - You like to study/doing homework (who in their right mind enjoys that?)
[+] - You like sunbathing
[] - You are a morning person
[] - You make the right choices 
[+] - You can be flirty sometimes (do i have to me GOOD at it?)
[+] - You like taking naps
[+] - You or others say you are smart/intelligent
[+] - You are in higher or harder classes than others
[+] - You can easily solve problems with your knowledge and logic
[+] - You like reading books 
Total: 7

~~Umbreon ~~
[+] - You prefer to be alone (sometimes)
[+] - You are a night person
[+] - People say you look angry or depressed sometimes when you're not
[] - You are a quiet type (you are quite the jokester aren't you?)
[+] - You are not social among others 
[+] - You prefer to do things independently rather than working together 
[] - You don't depend on others to help or accomplish tasks
[] - Other people depend on you to accomplish tasks or help
[+] - You are inside most of the day
[+] - You are commonly bored
Total: 7

~~Leafeon ~~
[+] - You are environmentally friendly
[+] - You like going outside
[+]  - You like going on walks
[] - You are gentle and calm
[+] - You are very kind to people
[+] - You don't drink or smoke
[+] - You'd rather live in a rural area than an urban area 
[+] - Green is your favorite color 
[] - You take care of plants (i always manage to accidentally kill them.....)
Total: 7

[] - You are used to the cold weather 
[+] - You prefer cold weather over hot weather (as long as i can stay inside and eat hot soup and snuggle up with blankets)
[+] - You have a cold personality 
[+] - You are shy and timid (at first i'm shy)
[+] - You have trouble starting a conversation or continuing it
[] - You are quiet (that's hilarious)
[+] - You like playing in the snow 
[] - You usually need help with tasks
[+] - You don't care what other people think (when dealing with stupid snobs my attitude is basically "f*ck you, i do what i want", but i constantly seek approval from my friends and family...)
[+] - You are usually alone by yourself
Total: 7

wow okay
i guess i'm Glaceleafumbespflarevapeon XD


Kjersten Schuttler
Artist | Hobbyist
United States

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